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Hico ISD Trailer Wrap in Hico TX

Hico Independent School District located in Hico TX obtained an already wrapped fiberglass trailer that they wanted turned into a bold statement for their school. Something that captured the school's spirit.

Trailer Wrap Design

Hico provided Flash Forward Media's designers with many pictures and wanted their red and blue colors to be prominent in the design. After the first design we were on the right track but it was still in need of tweaking. The configuration of the pictures was the main focus of the changes. After a several renditions the wrap design was finalized. Unlike most trailers Hico's trailer was smooth on the corners. Usually a trailer is framed in aluminum creating a natural break point. This makes designing easy because there is no need to match the front panel with the side panel. Not the case here. Only with precise measurements and a skilled installer would the designers be able to create a cohesive design that flows from the front to the sides.

Trailer Wrap Production

Things get really hot in Texas so choosing the wrong type of vinyl, or cutting corners like using liquid lamination or even worse no lamination at all would cause the material to rapidly fade. We've seen wraps in Texas that were only a year old that had severe fading. In our experience 3M 180c with 8519 HARD lamination is the best material for countering the effects of the sun.

The Trailer Wrap Installation

We had the installer apply the wrap locally at Hico ISD. They had a great indoor athletic space for our installer to work.

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