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Hello and welcome to Flash Forward Media's I Love Kickboxing vehicle wrap resource page. At this point we have wrapped several vehicles for ILKB franchisees across the US and we are ready to produce a custom wrap for your ILKB location. We will work with you and ILKB HQ to produce a design that you love and maintains a consistaincy in ILKB branding.
What is a vehicle wrap?
A vehicle wrap is a type of vehicle graphic that adheres and covers most or all of your vehicle's painted surface. The material has a self adhesive backing that sticks to your vehicle. The material is produced in large rectangles that are placed on the vehicle and then cut along your vehicles body seams and squeegeed on smooth. The wrap is heated and conforms to the curves of your vehicle, resembling a paint job once completed. The wraps we produce are custom made for every project to ensure proper sizing and fitment.
Will the wrap damage my vehicle?
No. The material we use is considered semi permanent and can be removed without leaving a mark. In fact the wrap will protect and preserve the paint and once removed, the car will look exactly like the day we put the wrap on. We highly recommend having one of our professional installers remove the wrap so as to avoid and damage to the paint.
How long will the vehicle wrap last?
The 3M warranty for the material we use is up to 7 years and if well taken care of, can last even longer. We have customers in Texas and Florida that have had wraps on their vehicles even longer.
How much does a wrap cost?
A wrap's cost depends on several factors, how many square feet of material is required, how difficult the install process is, individual markets can vary in pricing, etc. However, most wraps will cost between $1500-$3000.
Is a wrap worth it?
Vehicle wraps are an extremely cost effective means of advertising. Dollar for dollar a vehicle wrap is one of the highest value advertising mediums. Over the course of just one year a wrap is estimated to cost only $0.48 per 1000 impressions. Compare that to $7.75 per 1k for radio and $19.70 for newspaper.
Who will install my wrap?
At Flash Forward Media we have a vast network of installers across the US. We have a installer in every major and medium sized city and if we do not have an installer nearby, we will have one travel out to you.
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